About Us

Caffe Italia owner, Michael Costigliola, was originally born in his hometown of Monte Di Procida, Napoli and emigrated to the states when he was only 18 years old. He’s been in the food business his whole life, from working at Umberto's of New Hyde Park and currently as a wholesaler of fruits and vegetables. He works at the Hunts Point Market in the Bronx, where he has pick of the best fruits and vegetables. Michael always had an interest in gelato and wanted to bring the Italian culture to Long Island. He finally opened up the small bite-sized Caffe Italia in January of 2016.

The Caffe is located in Deer Park, Long Island, NY where many Italians reside. Everyone always feels like they are back in Italy when they walk in to our Caffe. Michael doesn’t understand the American penchant for gelato with “crazy stuff in it”. After all, what could be better than vanilla with real vanilla beans, coffee with freshly pulled Miscela d’Oro espresso, strawberry with fresh strawberries, lemon with freshly squeezed lemons, hazelnut with nuts from Turin, and pistachio from nuts from Sicily. Bending to popular demand, he does make those “fun” flavors such has Oreo, Nutella, Mint Chocolate Chip, but his heart is in the simple, elegant flavors that remind him of back home.