Masseria dello Sbirro - Pomodori del Piennolo Interi 1.5kg Circa

Masseria dello Sbirro - Piennolo Fresh  Tomatoes of Vesuvius as a Whole (about 3.5lbs)


$19.75 /Each.
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The piennolo grows and is processed on the slopes of two linked mountains, Somma and Vesuvius, following the policies of the Protected Designation of Origin “code”. These rules are defined by the protection consortium of the product. The same policies state that the PDO certification is intended only for the red variety of the tomato.The jar contains the piennolo tomatoes of Vesuvius as a whole, preserved in their own puree.The ‎Vesuvius tomato is dubbed “piennolo” because of its peculiar storage conditions, handed down generation after generation. In fact, berries are grouped together thanks to a plant rope, and then hanged like they were a pendulum. Piennolo is just the word – in the neapolitan dialect – for the Italian “pendolo”, whose meaning is pendulum. Tomatoes are hanged in ventilated and dry places, so they can be stored for months, only thanks to the nature, without using refrigerators. In this way, tomatoes can be stored even for six months or more.

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